Vive Le France!

As the birth place of our friendship 4 years ago, Paris has earned itself a soft spot in our hearts.  We now have a love for (almost) everything Parisian as these pieces from Monarchy, Howe and Wet Cement can attest.

Monarchy ‘Paris’ Tee: $59.50

Mon Paris

Howe ‘Misty Eyes’ Tee: $39.50

Howe Misty Eyes

 Wet Cement ‘Metro’ Hoodie: $134.50

Wet Cement Metro


New: Steve McQueen & Wet Cement

Nautical/Beach-y themed tees from Steve McQueen & Wet Cement to take you thru the rest of summer… hopefully the nice weather will return soon!

Steve McQueen ‘McQueen Maid’ Tee: $59.50

McQueen Maid

Steve McQueen ‘Merchant Marine’ Tee: $59.50

Merchant Marine

Wet Cement ‘Cruise’ Tee: $74.50


Wet Cement ‘Private Beach’ Tee: $74.50

Private Beach

We love Seattle…and our tees say it all!

If you’ve lived in Seattle for more than thirty days you’ll start to develop a giant love for this city… whether its the food, scenery or the wonderful dog parks that give Charlie the opportunity to run in circles every Sunday afternoon; we live in a gorgeous place! Its been said that beauty inspires creativity and these shirts are prime example of how our city has been an inspiration for others.

Designed by one of our ever-so-talented interns, Francis (AKA Ringo), this tee is a combination of our logo and Seattle’s sky line. We lovelovelove them. And yes, its quite the biased opinion 🙂 Sizes are limited so grab them while they last!

Ringo ‘Seattle Logo’ Tee: $29.50Francis'

The artist for Wet Cement made a recent trip to Seattle and snapped this cool picture of the intersection between Westlake and 6th Ave…. and we just HAD to get it! The graphic is on a great burn-out tee, like all other Wet Cement products. Between the picture and the soft feel of the shirt, we know its a piece all Seattle-ites should have in their Summer wardrobe.

Wet Cement ‘Westlake’ Tee: $74.50

Westlake & 6th

Wet Cement Tees!

We adore these tees! The graphics are all one-of-a-kind (the designers personal photographs) and they are sooooooo soft! Must admit we snagged a few of the girl’s versions for ourselves 🙂

‘Attention’ Tee : $74.50


‘Hotel’ Tee : $74.50


‘Medio’ Tee : $74.50


‘Tsunami’ Tee: $74.50

wet tsunami

Wet Cement Tees

Please welcome to The Industry family: Wet Cement!

We were first introduced to this awesome new brand when one of our friends came back from LA sporting a shirt! Megan and I fell in love with the graphic; a street sign from Paris that we were both familiar with.

‘Avenue de New York’ Tee: $74.50


Wet Cement tees are customed screened with photographs of places the artist has visited… from Tokyo to Seattle! (They have a great shirt that we’ll get in Spring of our Space Needle!) These shirts are also specially distressed and super soft to the touch! Check out our first batch below:

‘Whitmore’ Tee: $74.50


‘Street’ Tee: $74.50


‘Donegal’ Tee: $74.50


‘Tube’ Tee: $74.50


‘Exchange’ Tee: $74.50