Charlie’s Picks :)

Official shop greeter and mascot, Charlie has picked a few of his favorite items in the store. Check ’em out!

WeSC ‘Luigi’ Sweater: $69.50

William Rast ‘Jackson Durango’ Straight leg Denim: $199.50

JACHS ‘American Plaid’ Woven: $79.50

life/after/denim ‘Motorboat’ Windbreaker Jacket: $139.50

William Rast ‘Jackson Gunmetal’ Slim Straight leg Denim: $194.50



Fall Favorites 2

WeSC ‘Abdon’ Flannel: $84.50

Howe ‘Track 03’ Pullover Sweater: $124.50

WeSC ‘Pirko’ Windbreaker Jacket: $94.50


Gaspare Striped Cardigan: $74.50

‘Heiko’ Woven: $69.50

Want a bold button up?  Try this new woven from WeSC.  

 ‘Zoltan’ Sweater: $74.50

‘Osvald’ Jacket: $184.50

Looking for an everyday jacket? Need something to wear to that next football game or on a night out with the boys?  Try this new jacket from WeSC, it’s simple in style and fantastic in fit! (and great in the rain!!)

WeSC & Cohesive

‘Abdon’ Flannel: $74.50

Flannel is definitely one of our top 5 things for Fall & Winter. It keeps you warm during the cold months ahead and its super comfy cozy! This WeSC flannel brings in a few fun colors to brighten up your Winter wardrobe!

Abdon 1

Abdon 2

‘Zoltan’ Sweater: $79.50

Zoltan 1

Zoltan 2

‘Flap Back Pocket’ Cohesive Denim: $179.50

Great new relaxed fit denim from Cohesive with awesome details that include brown leather skull buttons and silk lining. We love the way these jeans fit and we definitely think that you will too! So come by the shop & try on a pair!

COH denim 1

COH denim 2

Fall Favorites: Part Two

Life/After/Denim ‘Silverlake’ Plaid Woven: $79.50

Silverlake 1

Silverlake 2

Penguin ‘The Toe Curler’ Woven: $89.50

Toe Curler 1

Toe Curler 2

WeSC ‘Gianiuca’ Knit Cardigan: $144.50

Gianluca 1

Gianluca 2

William Rast ‘Ben–Spruce’ Jeans: $164.50

Spruce 1

Spruce 2

Ben Sherman ‘Siskin’ Woven: $89.50

Siskin 1

Siskin 2

Cohesive ‘Varsity’ Jacket: $149.50

Varsity 1

Varsity 2

Fall Favorites: Part One

 FALL is officially here. The leaves are changing colors, kids are back in school, and we’ve got THE coolest sweaters and jackets around! And these aren’t your average boring pieces of outerwear either. Vibrant colors with cool hardware is the way we’ll welcome Fall this year! 

Spindle & Canister ‘Stripe Pocket’ Tee: $59.50

Spindle 1

Spindle 2

 Modern Amusement ‘Tip Top’ Cardigan: $134.50

Tip Top

 Howe ‘Live In– Expedition’ Denim: $149.50

howe 1

howe 2

 Gant ‘Highland Cozy’ Flannel: $129.50

cozy 1

cozy 2

 WeSC ‘Jari’ Pullover Hoodie: $104.50

wesc hoodie 1

wesc hoodie 2

Modern Amusement ‘Ramble’ Hooded Sweater: $159.50

Mod Ramble 1 blog

Mod Ramble 2 blog

Monarchy ‘Ceremonial’ Leather Jacket: $229.50

This color is awesome! And so versatile– wear it with black or brown.  I don’t think the picture will do it justice so I guess you’ll just have to stop in the store and try it on yourself 🙂

leather 1

leather 2

leather 3

WeSC Arrivals

‘Conspiracy’ Tee: $29.50


‘Dragan’ Knit Sweater: $79.50


‘Keizo’ Cardigan: $74.50

wesc cardigan

‘Miller’ Tee: $44.50

wesc miller

‘Kenta’ Hooded Jacket: $154.50