Team Up For Nonprofits Event TONIGHT!

If you’re free, join our friends at Team-Up for Nonprofits for another of their Gigs4Good events featuring: Grand Hallway, Lindsay Fuller, and The Royal Bear.   Tonight at the Hard Rock.

Tickets are available for $20 at the door. 


The Industry <3 Team Up for Nonprofits!

We met Ryan from Team Up for Nonprofits a few weeks ago and absolutely love the heart behind this! Music and helping people?… We’re IN! Check out their website, be their Facebook friend and follow them on Twitter… Trust us- you want to get involved and get that warm-fuzzy feeling 🙂


“Team Up” is a nonprofit organization which produces high quality music events to raise funds and awareness for other inspiring nonprofit organizations while providing a fun & accessible avenue for people of all ages and stages of life to participate in meaningful giving.  Our Gigs4Good events have a motto, “You buy the ticket, we bring the music, nonprofits get the money!”  Each Gigs4Good event that Team Up produces is in support of a different nonprofit and will highlight the work they are doing.  In addition 75% of the ticket price will be donated to the nonprofit to ensure that their good work can continue.  Team Up’s first event will be at the Hard Rock Cafe on Thursday May 27th and will feature Victor Shade amongst others.  For more information please visit