Grooming Products have arrived!

We just received our first shipment of grooming products from Ritual.

Nature Calls: $9.50
Say goodbye to the courtesy flush with this product. Just 2-4 drops in your toilet prior to doing your business will obliterate odors… and make the women in your life very happy 🙂

Razor Rinse: $19.50
Splash a little of this on the blade between uses to kill any harmful bacteria, which are the cause of razor burn, red bumps, and ingrown hairs. Your face will love you for it.

The Whip: $19.50
This rich, creamy shave gel spreads easily across your face and neck calming the skin with Lidocaine to make shaving easier.

The Balm: $24.50
This post-shave gel, made with cooling Aloe and Lidocaine, goes on smoothly to sooth the face after shaving. Your skin will calm down quickly to get you out the door and to work on time.

Trifecta: $19.50
Clean up quickly in the morning with this product, which packs your three essential shower products into an all-in-one body, face, and hair wash. Also great to take on business trips when you have limited space in the suitcase.

The Kit: $89.50
Sold in an awesome wooden box, this Kit contains the products you need for each step of the “Triple S” process, making even Monday morning more enjoyable.