Meet: our new reps!



We had the pleasure of meeting our new Penguin rep, Casey, this week on his recent trip to Seattle and we absolutely adore him! Casey enjoys a good early morning surf, watching indie movies like Once , baseball games with his new favorite Seattle girls (*ahem*) and selling the cutest Penguin threads in town!



 We picked up an awesome new line called COA and our new rep, Justin, is as cute as can be… I mean, look at his picture above rockin’ a leather jacket that will be in our store later this year 🙂 Justin is also a super talented artist–check out his oil and acrylic paintings.


Take Me Out to The Ball Game!

A few of our reps came into town and we decided to buy their love and affection by taking them to the Mariner’s game! Who doesn’t love beer and hot dogs?! Meet the crew from the night: Bryan, Casey and Philly!


The night started on the right foot with Mike McCready from Pearl Jam rockin’ the national anthem!

Mike McCreedy 1

AND Miss Megan recieved an early birthday shout-out on the scoreboard:

Megan's Birthday

Angela & Bryan: the ONLY Angel fans around. We almost got beer dumped on us a few times due to their incessant cheering for their beloved team.


The boys giving Megan a big birthday hug! So cute!


The group picture!

Safeco Group 2

Boys, Baseball, and Beer!!

A few of our cool LA reps were in town and we decided to take them out to the  game to watch Griffey hit a few balls!! Even though the Mariners lost, we couldn’t hate the Tampa Bay boys too much… they did come into our store to check out a few jackets earlier in the day… they weren’t used to our cold weather!


Angela & Alfie enjoying a cold brew!


2nd row from 1st base!


Alfie & Cory from T&A Showroom in LA!


Our group picture with JW from The Park!