The Modern Amusement Blues!

One of the countless reasons why we love this California-based brand is their ability to bring such bright and fun colors into their pieces without making them look too “loud.” In this delivery, they’re playing really well into the blues and we hope you think its as awesome as we do!

Modern Amusement “Neutra Bike” Breaker : $154.50

Modern Amusement “Viceroy” Woven : $94.50


Purple Crows at The Industry!

Purple Modern Amusement “crows” — that is 🙂  Add a great splash of color to your Winter wardrobe with these pieces!

 Modern Amusement ‘Snowman’ Polo: $69.50

Modern Amusement ‘Tipped Crew’ Sweater: $129.50

This awesome sweater looks great over a button up or under your favorite suit for work!

Modern Amusement ‘Glenwood’ Woven: $114.50

Modern Amusement ‘Alpine’ Peacoat’: $294.50

Fall Favorites: Part One

 FALL is officially here. The leaves are changing colors, kids are back in school, and we’ve got THE coolest sweaters and jackets around! And these aren’t your average boring pieces of outerwear either. Vibrant colors with cool hardware is the way we’ll welcome Fall this year! 

Spindle & Canister ‘Stripe Pocket’ Tee: $59.50

Spindle 1

Spindle 2

 Modern Amusement ‘Tip Top’ Cardigan: $134.50

Tip Top

 Howe ‘Live In– Expedition’ Denim: $149.50

howe 1

howe 2

 Gant ‘Highland Cozy’ Flannel: $129.50

cozy 1

cozy 2

 WeSC ‘Jari’ Pullover Hoodie: $104.50

wesc hoodie 1

wesc hoodie 2

Modern Amusement ‘Ramble’ Hooded Sweater: $159.50

Mod Ramble 1 blog

Mod Ramble 2 blog

Monarchy ‘Ceremonial’ Leather Jacket: $229.50

This color is awesome! And so versatile– wear it with black or brown.  I don’t think the picture will do it justice so I guess you’ll just have to stop in the store and try it on yourself 🙂

leather 1

leather 2

leather 3

Modern Amusement

‘Always Rain’ Tee: $49.50

The (sadly) PERFECT Seattle Tee!


‘Bigingham’ Check Woven: $109.50

Bing woven 1

Bing woven 2

‘Kamakura’ Stripe Cardigan: $94.50

Cardigan 1

Cardigan 2

‘Humdinger’ Hoodie: $119.50

Crow 1

Crow 2

Back to Basics

We all know the key to a good “basic” is fit.  With their amazing cuts and super soft fabrics these pieces will be sure to take you from the everyday to the extraordinary with unique details making them your new go-to items for fall!!

Spindle & Canister ‘Black V’ Tee: $54.50

Black V

Ben Sherman “Gannet’ Woven: $89.50


Modern Amusement ‘Captain’ Woven: $109.50


Life After Denim ‘Beach Linen’ Woven: $79.50


Life After Denim ‘Cross Country’ Woven: $79.50

Cross Country 1

Cross Country 2

Ben Sherman ‘On Point’ Track Jacket: $109.50

On Point

Plaid is Rad and Stripes are Nice:)

And… as you can tell both are favorites here at The Industry due to their versatility.  Dress ’em up or pair ’em with your best comfy denim and you’re set for any situation!

Penguin ‘Round the Middle’ Woven: $79.50

Round the Middle 1

Round the Middle 2

Penguin ‘Rusty Map’ Pullover: $69.50

Rusty Map

Penguin ‘Dip & Slip’ Woven: $89.50

Dip & Slip 1

Dip & Slip 2

Modern Amusement ‘Fishing Line’ V-neck Sweater: $129.50

Fishing Line

Ben Sherman ‘Plover’ Woven: $89.50


Modern Amusement ‘Eminent’ Jacket: $144.50

Eminent 1

Eminent 2

Fashion…it’s for the Birds

Or in this case… it IS the birds! 

Sail into fall with the best nature inspired tees around from our favorite  brands: Penguin, Modern Amusement & Loomstate

Penguin ‘Clever Penguin’ Tee: $39.50


Penguin ‘Beaten Rogue’ Tee: $39.50


Modern Amusement ‘Crow’ Tee: $44.50


Loomstate ‘Crash Landing’ Tee: $59.50