New from KR3W

KR3W: Clayton Sweater $79.50

Cozy gray sweater, great for layering under a coat or cozying up by the fire with a special someone.

 Looking for a new jacket for the rainy weather?  Try the new black, water-resistant, puffy coat with detachable hoodie from KR3W.

KR3W: Rochester Jacket $159.50


New from KR3W!

KR3W ‘Passion Tie Dye’ – $69.50

KR3W ‘Halbert Hooded Henley’ – $49.50

Welcome to The Industry Fam-Bam: KR3W!

Inspired by the streets of Los Angeles, KR3W stands out by creating unique and eye-catching skateboarding apparel.  Owner and founder Angel Cabada captures the creativity and originality of the skateboarding culture in the brand’s innovative and exciting designs.  We personally love their slim-fit demin and great fitting tees.  Come check out this new brand for signature styles that are sure to make any outfit pop!

KR3W ‘Fairton’ Tee: $34.50

KR3W ‘Reeves’ Tee: $34.50

KR3W ‘Flag Premium’ Tee: $29.50

KR3W ‘Mendota’ Henley: $34.50

KR3W ‘Plaid Woven’: $54.50

KR3W ‘K-SLim’ Denim: $59.50