FiveFour Button-up

‘Rue’ Button-up: $104.50

*This button-up shares a name with our favorite Women’s dress shop around the corner: RUE! It’s a great shirt that you can wear to work under a suit or just out with jeans… and the contrast collar makes it stand out from the pack!*




The Mclovin’ Woven

Five Four‘s ‘McLovin’ Woven: $99.50

FiveFour has arrived!

Our first shipment from FiveFour is here…and we’re super excited!  

Founded in August 2002 by Andres Izquieta and business partner Dee Murthy, FiveFour was created to epitomize their lifestyle — a multicultural upbringing in a modern world.  Named from the saying “one” or “one love”, 5-4=1, the brand embodies the spirit of today through it’s progressive design and modern aesthetic. 

First up is the super soft ‘Brook’ Hoodie: $154.50

Next is the ‘Bianchi’ Jacket: $234.50

A poly-cotton blend, this military inspired jacket has enough pockets for even the biggest pack-rat, and enough unique, stylish details to make you stand out from season to season.