Holiday Gift Ideas: Accessories

Happy Socks — Cotton: $12 or 2 for $20 AND Hemp: $18

Toddland “2nd Best Man’: $24.50

Toddland ‘Hot Stuff’ Boxer Briefs: $19.50

Penguin Card Wallet: $19.50 (available in Black/Brown and Grey/Black)

Penguin ‘Distressed’ Leather Belt: $59.50 (available in Brown and Black)

Coal ‘Yukon Brim’ Beanie: $34.50

Coal ‘Frena’ Solid Beanie: $17.50

Coal ‘Taylor’ Gloves: $29.50

Coal ‘Hardwood’ Fingerless Gloves: $24.50



Our first Delivery of Coal Hats has arrived…and they’re selling fast!
Black ‘Hectare’ Brim Hat: $29.50
Black/Grey ‘Link’ Hat: $29.50
Teal ‘Yukon’ Hat: $34.50
*Inside rim is lined in fleece to keep the wool from scratching*

Khaki ‘Dawson’ Hat: $34.50

Green Stripe ‘Sid’ Hat: $39.50
*Artistic detailing on the side*
Green Stripe ‘Sid’ Gloves: $29.50
Black ‘Taylor’ Hat: $49.50
*Back has unique stitching to keep hat from bunching*