Cardboard Robot & Tankfarm Tees

We know some of you have been waiting a long time to hear that more Cardboard Robot has arrived…so this one is for you!  We have received 3 new tees from CBR and an amazing tee from Tankfarm.  Check ’em out 🙂

CBR “Strapped” Tee: $34.50

*This tee sold out in two days in the black version…so we don’t expect it to stick around long*

Detail on Strapped

CBR “El Scissors” Tee: $34.50

CBR ‘SWAT’ Tee: $34.50

Detail on SWAT

Tankfarm “Poison” V-neck: $44.50

Detail on Poison



… Brandon!
He’s one of our favorite tough guys and a long standing fan of Cardboard Robot. You can usually catch him at one of our fashion shows or parties with a corona in hand 🙂

Cardboard Robot ‘Bandit’ Hoodie: $129.50

Spring Arrivals…

… from Howe, Cardboard Robot, & Obey!

Howe ‘Going Nowhere’ Tee: $49.50

Howe ‘Step Ahead’ Woven: $124.50
*great floral print on underside of collar and cuffs*

Cardboard Robot ‘Strapped’ Tee: $34.50

Cardboard Robot ‘Hobo’ Tee: $34.50
*gold foil detail on the front makes it really pop*

Obey ‘Lightning Bolt’ Hoodie: $64.50
*nice and light-weight…perfect for the increasingly warmer weather*

‘On the Road’ Hat: $34.50

‘Black Metal’ Belt: $54.50

‘Hard Time’ Belt: $54.50

*removable buckles on both belts*

Winter Arrivals

Black Rivet Grey Jacket: $129.50
*built in black hoodie gives this traditional suit jacket an edgy feel*
Detail on the Black Rivet Grey Jacket:
*hoodie’s just in the front, so you get the layered look without the bulk!*
Cardboard Robot ‘Target’ Hoodie: $129.50

Detail on the ‘Target’ Hoodie:
*comes with an awesome “gun holster”…perfect for your cell phone*

Obey ‘Table the Label’ Olive Hoodie: $89.50

1921 ‘M46’ Dark Grey Cords: $189.50

New Fall Threads…

Tankfarm ‘Lover and Fighter’ Tee: $34.50
Calavena ‘Especial’ V-neck Tee: $84.50
Calavena ‘Guadalupe’ Tee: $74.50
Cardbaord Robot ‘Clutch Ripoff’ Tee: $34.50
Cardboard Robot ‘Tokyo is Dope’ Tee: $34.50

Cardboard Robot

‘Endless Summer’ Tee: $34.50

‘Range Rules’ Hoodie: $114.50

‘Fahrenheit 451’ Tee: $34.50

‘Bullet’ Necklace: $19.50

(in silver or gold)

New Cardboard Robot

‘Flying Tiger’ Hoodie with faux fur trim: $114.50
‘1000 Points of Sound’ Tee and ‘Cream Blimps’ Tee: $34.50

‘Bling Kills’ V-neck with gold foil Tee and ‘Greeting from Cali’ Tee: $34.50