New Calavena

‘Darby’ Hoodie: $149.50
*black knit button-up sweater with green stripe t-shirt lining–super soft*
‘Inmate’ Stripped Hooded Sweater: $164.50
*LOVE the contrast lining in the hood*
Detail on ‘Inmate’
‘Currency’ Tee: $49.50


New Fall Threads…

Tankfarm ‘Lover and Fighter’ Tee: $34.50
Calavena ‘Especial’ V-neck Tee: $84.50
Calavena ‘Guadalupe’ Tee: $74.50
Cardbaord Robot ‘Clutch Ripoff’ Tee: $34.50
Cardboard Robot ‘Tokyo is Dope’ Tee: $34.50

New Brand: Calavena

‘White Lion’ Tee: $64.50
*graphic is a burnout, so if you decide to wear a shirt underneath it will show through*
‘Triple Threat’ Faded Black Jeans: $184.50

We’re really excited about this new brand!

It was recently featured in People Magazines “Style Watch” Section.

*People Magazine, August 6, 2007 — page 109*