Bite of Seattle!!

So, it is that time of year again: BITE OF SEATTLE! Elephant ears! Tom Douglas (where ISN’T he, really?)! Now in it’s 30th year, it is the biggest draw to the Seattle Center, with last years tally exceeding 400,000 (more than Bumbershoot, even!)! There are literally dozens of foodstuffs to be had all around the grounds and people watching galore! This years features include a box-wine tasting in the beer garden (21+, of course), a BBQ contest, a speed-dating booth,  and the aforementioned Mr. Douglas (he has own concession area dubbed “The Alley”….sure to be packed AND pricey)! And the best part is that it is all FREE! Gratis! Sans entry fee! What better way to celebrate than stopping by here on your stroll down to get some new clothes, yeah? May we suggest the Penguin Blue Caged shirt coupled with some Life/After/Denim Midnight Schooner shorts (Added Bonus: The shorts are Reversible!!)? Perfect new outfit AND intense food gorging? HELLO SUMMER!


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