Descendant of Thieves

Looking for a classic button-up with some style?  Look no further than the new Descendant of Thieves wovens!!  Come in and try ’em out! 

‘Tron Squares’ Woven: $94.50

‘Purple Plaid’ Woven: $94.50

‘Charcoal’ Woven: $94.50

Or go classic with a nice charcoal gray button-up. 


3 Responses

  1. do you have a large for ‘Tron Squares’ Woven?

    • Just re-ordered a few more sizes of both the Tron Squares and Purple Plaid, so we should have a Large in stock next week. Swing by to pick it up!

    • Hi Eric!!

      So we only have 1 extra-large left. And unfortunately the shirts are limited runs so we can’t get more. Are you interested in the color only or would other DoT shirts be interesting to you?

      The Industry

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