Welcome to The Industry Fam-bam: JOHNNY FEVER!

Today, Johnny’s musical vision remains true to form: funky, ‘beat-full,’ rooted in soul. From beginning in house music, to chunky big room basslines, to techy forward thinking breaks, and onto a progressive sound Fever has constantly adopted genres into his repertoire …sounds that create from one brain to another can be heard in the music of Johnny Fever, the energy of a self-proclaimed “fan” of all genres is apparent in each and everyone of his sets. Johnny’s journey has roots in Seattle, Wash.; Cincinnati, Ohio [WKRP, hence the name] and Vancouver, Canada. Being in the right place at the right time has introduced him to some of Vancouver, Seattle and the worlds’ most elite DJs producers & promoters providing him with strong business partnerships, lasting friendships, and earning him the opportunities to play and get into the studio on a world class level.
More info on the super cool DJ, click HERE
The Industry loves Johnny Fever. We’ll be pluggin’ in a few of his shows so be sure to check ’em out and you’ll know why our hearts belong to him. His energy is amazing and rumor is- he’s pretty spiffy at what he does 🙂 

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