Welcome to The Industry Fam-bam: Descendant of Thieves

Descendant of Thieves’ designer Dres Ladro is a young eccentric artist who is currently living in Berlin. He designs, constructs, and wears his own clothing, so as to never be seen wearing the same thing as someone else. Although initially reluctant, he has been convinced to develop a niche clothing line based on the blueprints of his desings.

Due to a childhood incident, he is color blind in his left eye. This rare monochromatic condition allows his eye to only see in black and white. As an abstract artist, Ladro pulls inspiration by depriving himself of sleep for days at a time… or until hallucination begins! In this forced state of insomnia, he reaches his creative peak and can see vivid color in his left eye – blazing yellow being the most dominant hue.

We’re super stoked to be carrying Descendant of Thieves in our shop and we definitely agree with Ladro’s motto of not wearing the same thing as everyone else! These button ups feel great, fit wonderfully and at $79.50 a piece, a great price for any wallet! Stop by the shop and try one on today!

‘Scrubs’ Woven: $79.50


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