Welcome to The Industry fam-bam: Jenny Dayco!

Passionate and outrageously beautiful, Jenny Dayco’s line of one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces expose a clever mix of sultry femininity with her own witty sense of humor.  From gold 10 commandments necklaces to giant button necklaces—each one of her pieces speaks with its own audacious voice. 

Her enthusiasm radiates as she confesses that a majority of her designs contain a level of witty humor, intended to be almost something secret for just the wearer to know.  “My hope is that with every piece of mine that is worn, the wearer is able to experience an enigmatic yet laugh-out-loud kind of joy,” says Dayco.  What attracts her are elements that have a story or are a symbol for something.  She also finds herself fascinated and inspired by nature, “…animals such as a horse or jellyfish, whose forms are so unique and amazing.”  

There’s no limit to her jewelry design in terms of simplifying or amplifying her pieces.  Oftentimes, she enjoys taking one idea, and then cranking it up several more notches. Former graphic designer and former talent agent, Jenny is self-taught in the art of jewelry designing and works instinctively from the gut while her hands brilliantly produce each and every single piece. “I just love making things that are insane and fantastic, pushing my own understanding of beauty and adornment on the body,” Dayco gushes.  “I love creating pieces that make people feel confident and bring them joy.”  And that is exactly what her jewelry does.

Our super awesome friend AJ from Post’age Denim was wearing one of Jenny’s pieces and we absolutely fell in love with them! Come by the shop and take a lookie-loo’s for yourself! And with prices ranging from $25 to $40 you can pick one up for yourself… and maybe a friend!


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